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Slash your typing efforts in half with the most efficient text expander

Why spend ages typing when you could be doing anything else? CurateIt's text expander gets your text across in half the time so you can work on what matters more.

Slash your typing efforts in half with the most efficient text expander with CurateIt

3x your typing speed

Cut down 80% of your repetitive typing

Access your go-to phrases in 0.2 seconds

Reclaim 5+ hours every week

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Michelle Park

Entrepreneur and Creator

“Ever since incorporating CurateIt's Text Expander into my daily workflow, I've slashed my email response time by half. It's like having a personal assistant for my keyboard!”


Wishing for more hours in a day? Try our Text Expander for it!

Create customised text snippets with CurateIt

Create customised text snippets

Turn long texts into short codes with Custom Text Snippets. Type less, say more, and speed up your writing instantly!

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Automate using dynamic forms with CurateIt

Automate using dynamic forms

CurateIt's Dynamic forms let you customise your snippets and automate them. Now adjust your pre-saved text on the spot to fit exactly what you need, making your typing efficient.

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Never say “It's on my other device” again with CurateIt

Never say “It's on my other device” again!

As we sync your data across devices, you can keep your snippets handy, no matter the device or browser. This ensures your shortcuts follow you, everywhere you go.

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Clipboard's got your back, always with CurateIt

Clipboard's got your back, always

Combine your clipboard content with CurateIt's Text Expander. This means you can now include text you've copied into your shortcuts, boosting your expander's capabilities even further.

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Never miss tools that you love with CurateIt

Never miss tools that you love

Our Text Expander integrates perfectly with ChatGPT, Gmail, Outlook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and plenty more. Take your typing to the next level by incorporating our text shortcuts into all your essential productivity apps.

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Best for creators, individuals as well as teams

Productivity buffs

Too much typing, not enough time? Speed through your tasks with the Text Expander to create shortcuts, save keystrokes, and save time.


Perfect for researchers as it turns lengthy references into quick shortcuts. Save time, focus on analysis, and make breakthroughs faster.


CurateIt's Text Expander streamlines communication with quick shortcuts for common phrases!

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Shortcut your way to productivity!

Don't wear out your keyboard with repetitive typing! With CurateIt's Text Expander feature, you can easily create shortcuts for frequently used phrases, responses, and more. Save time and effort by keeping your repetitive text just a shortcut away.

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